Zetta Thomelin - Author & Therapist - Hypnotherapy

I always liked writing stories, then I learned that stories, metaphors and poems can heal.

I am an Author and a Therapist utilising Hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP.

I became interested in hypnotherapy after having some sessions for stress-related insomnia, it worked. So, I wanted to understand how it works, why it works and I became so fascinated by its potential to create change that I decided that this was what I wanted to do with my life and I left the business world behind me.

As I delved deeper into planning sessions for my clients, I became increasingly intrigued by the power of the language that we use, how it impacts on our subconscious, particularly in trance but outside of trance too, otherwise advertising would not be so successful. As an English graduate I was well placed to begin to create my own language patterns and metaphors to help my clients and to reflect on the language I use in my own environment. This led to me developing books that reflect my approach to therapy utilising metaphor, creative imaginative language, and poetry.

My new book, The Trauma Effect moves a little away from language patterns and looks further into the influences of our family experiences into whom we become, how traumas affecting people long before we are born can impact on our own lives, though of course that does still involve language, the language we hear growing up. I tell you a story in this book, the family story that I believed to be mine, but turned out to be somewhat different.

I am involved in the governance of hypnotherapy and complementary medicine, as Chair of the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists, Vice Chair of the UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations, I also served as a trustee for the Research Council for Complementary Medicine.

Prior to my career in therapy, I was CEO of Children with AIDS Charity and Vice Chair of the charity Mama Biashara. I also worked in the media as a Director of Chronos Group Publishing and as Group Head at News International, working mainly on The Times and The Sunday Times.

I still see a limited number of private patients online and in person, I also offer supervision to accredited hypnotherapists.