Zetta Thomelin - Author & Therapist - The Healing Metaphor
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The Healing Metaphor

The Healing Metaphor is a book of unique metaphors that creates the connecting strategy for the client to affect change. We use metaphors in everyday language to enhance and empower communication, they are a familiar tool for the listener, trained in the hidden messages of stories from the parables and fables of childhood. In essence therapeutic metaphors reflect universal truths, which help to bypass resistance and create that Eureka moment of understanding for the client. They reach into the subconscious mind unhindered by the critical faculty of the conscious mind, like the medicine for a pet concealed in their food. This book provides a wide range of developed metaphors dealing with emotional issues such as grief and relationship break-ups; habitual problems like trichotillomania and anorexia and physical issues such as labyrinthitis and pain.

What makes this book different to other script books is the nature of metaphors used and the poetic style of language and the book covers treatment areas where there is little material available, hence their inception. The book has an introduction explaining the power of the metaphor and then it is divided into treatment areas for easy reference.