Zetta Thomelin - Author & Therapist - The Trauma Effect
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The Trauma Effect – Exploring and Resolving Inherited Trauma

The Trauma Effect reveals a family secret, a trauma, a tragedy that felled a family, the book exposes uncomfortable truths and follows the journey of recovery.

Families have secrets, hidden traumas, the skeleton in the closet. We can inherit the effects of these events without even realising it, absorbing it unconsciously, like a sponge absorbs water.

My family has such a secret. I tell you my story in this book, my story as I thought it, and then the truth of my story to help you to heal yours. I explore how such events can affect us, both psychologically and physically and take you on the journey of recovery, how to bring a full stop to that inheritance of shame, blame and guilt, so the next generation does not have to carry the burden of it too.

We can wrap it up in names like generational/trans-generational trauma, if the label helps then use it, but we need to do something about it, shine a light on it, take the skeleton out of the closet, dust it down and bury it once and for all.